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Throughout the 2023 campaign season, candidates receive a number of questionairres from local groups seeking to endorse in the election. As a candidate, I have decided to return each questionairre I receive. This page will be updated as I return the questionnaires to the goups. Some groups have decided not to endorse in uncontested races. I believe that the greatest benefit to residents comes from knowing what their representatives believe and how they will do the work of the community, regardless of whether or not they are contested. 

Note: the following groups have decided not to endorse in the District 5 race, as it is uncontested: Sunrise Amherst. 

The League of Women Voters' national rules prohibit them from allowing candidates in uncontested races to participate in voter forums. While the league does not endorse candidates regardless, I will be responding to the questions asked at the forum on my website for the benefit of District 5 residents. 

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