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Amherst is an incredible community. Choosing to serve the town in any capacity, be it advocacy and organizing, committee engagement, journalism, volunteerism, or more, is an act of love for our community.


This platform comes from my deep care for this town and those of us who live here. It is informed by our community. The most important component of this platform is that it is not rigid. As your councilor, my role is to listen to you, do my research, and combine those into policies which reflect the bright future Amherst has. I have shown my ability to do that in the past two years and look forward to your support in continuing to learn, grow, and make change in the years ahead.

Platform Highlights:


Our town infrastrucure needs support and care. The four capital projects (elementary school, Jones library, Department of Public Works and Fire Department) must remain at the forefront of our focus as a Council. 

Improved Processes

We are a form of government still in its infancy in Amherst. Many of our processes need to be updated to reflect this new system. This includes improving community access and engagement on items such as the Town Manager's goals and the budget. 

Equity and Access

Every action the town takes has an opportunity to move the needle on equity and justice.  Applying an antiracist lens to the actions we take and the processes we engage in to critically examine them and find opportunity for progress is key.


We need to move beyond individual choices and into collective action, with a priority of reducing emissions. I support prioritizing the recommendations of the Energy Climate Action Committee in their Climate Action and Resiliency Plan (CAARP).

Record Highlights

I am proud of the work I have done on the Town Council over the past two years. Below is a selection of those accomplishments.

Climate Action

  • Brought forward the action for the Town of Amherst to opt in to the Specialized Energy Building Code

  • Acted as liaison with the Energy and Climate Action Committee

  • Facilitated the incorporation of specific climate action goals from the ECAC into the Town Manager goals for 2023.

  • Spoke on behalf of the Council advocating for west-east rail at the state-level.

Human Rights

  • CoSponsored a bylaw Ensuring Safe Access to Legally-Protected Reproductive and Gender Affirming Health Care with Councilor Hanneke.

  • Cosponsored the proclaimation for June to be LGBTQ+ Pride Month in Amherst in 2022 (with Councilor DeAngelis) and 2023 (with Councilors DeAngelis and Hanneke).

  • Coauthored with Councilor Miller a Resolution in Support of Access to Reproductive Care.


  • Sponsored with Councilor Hanneke a home rule petition regarding a housing transfer fee on select properties to benefit affordable housing and capital needs.

  • Supported the acquisition of the former VFW site as a future behavioral shelter location

  • Advocated to state legislative panel on housing needs for Amherst

Advocacy and Process

  • Brought about change in process to bring the Council Vice President into meetings with the Town Council President, Town Manager, and State Legislators.

  • CoSponsored Resolution Calling on President Joe Biden to cancel student debt. 

  • Supported action to fund reparations in Amherst.

  • Authored resolutions congratulating the ARHS Girl's Swim Team, UMASS Women's Basketball Team, Monte Belmonte and the Foodbacnk of Western MA.

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