Amherst is an incredible community. Choosing to serve the town in any capacity, be it advocacy and organizing, committee engagement, journalism, volunteerism, or more, is an act of love for our community.


This platform comes from my deep care for this town and those of us who live here. It is informed by our community. The most important component of this platform is that it is not rigid. As your councilor, my role would be to listen to you, do my research, and combine those into policies which reflect the bright future Amherst has. 

Platform Highlights:

Accessibility of Government

Engaging in local government should be possible for anyone in our community. We need town councilors who are willing to meet their communities where they are, act as an amplifier for their needs, and carriers of information and impact.


Schools are central to the health and wellbeing of a community.

Our schools need to reflect the value we place on education. I strongly support plans for a new elementary school which meets the needs of our community in its design. 


Every action the town takes has an opportunity to move the needle on equity and justice. Our policy decisions must align with our vision for an equitable community moving towards justice and liberation. We must continue to pursue thoughtful reparations, and build a structure for community safety which meets our needs. I support the continuation of the Community Safety Working Group as well as the implementation of the CRESS Program


As we continue to hone our hopes for development, our budgets, our capital projects, and more, sustainability must have a central role. We need to move beyond individual choices and into collective action, with a priority of reducing emissions. I support following the recommendations of the Energy Climate Action Committee in their Climate Action and Resiliency Plan (CAARP).

Full platform webpage is under development. Check back here for updates.